Ta'au - Deep Sea Salve  I created for tattoo aftercare, skin inflammation and minor wounds. Made with local and organic plants.

Ta'au - Deep Sea Salve I created for tattoo aftercare, skin inflammation and minor wounds. Made with local and organic plants.


Handpoke and handtap tattoo as ritual/ceremony and cultural practice have existed for centuries. I facilitate ritual/ceremony through the medium of handpoke tattooing. I consider this way of tattooing as a form of ritual healing work, as well as cultural and spiritual practice. I do not treat or apply tattoo as only art. I offer tattoo as a medium to support people in honoring their lived experiences and identities, and to support their innate power and spirit in manifesting holistic healing. I am happy to support you in surfacing a tattoo calling to be unearthed. Together we can cultivate a sacred space for you to receive tattoo, and to feel comfortable releasing (singing, crying, wailing, etc) what your body and spirit longs to do. 

Handpoke tattoos require much more time, spiritual energy and physical labor from the tattoo practitioner than machine and handtap tattooing. It is important to know this before deciding that you want to receive one. Some key things to prepare for in handpoke tattoo as ritual are patience, presence in the moment, and inviting the spirits of your ancestors to join us in this occasion. 

On the technical aspects, handpoke tattoos are done by way of the tattooists' own energy (no electric power supply) with a tattoo needle, which is a modern tattoo tool. The application of tattoo as handpoke is much less abrasive on the skin, and the healing time is much faster. The experience of receiving handpoke tattoo as ritual is completely different than a machine done tattoo. Traditionally, handpoke and handtap tattoo tools are made from natural materials.

Buaya  for Jamee of  Unicorn Pins and Potions .

Buaya for Jamee of Unicorn Pins and Potions.


I specialize in cultural symbols, indigenous geometric patterns, textile motifs and Baybayin script. 

If you know your genealogy and/or any ancestral tattoo patterns of your ethnic and cultural heritage, we can discuss from there to identify your potential tattoo design. If you have access to ancestral textiles, pottery, or cultural items with patterns, those are what will inform and/or inspire your design. I will not tattoo any ethnic/cultural designs if there is no direct connection between those motifs and your ethnic/cultural heritage.

I understand that ancestry is complex and not everyone in this world knows their exact genealogy even if they know their ancestral land. I am happy to work with you in determining what is an appropriate tattoo. However, if your tattoo design requires me to do extensive in-depth research of your culture/ancestry, I must request compensation for that time.

The placement of where you feel called to receive a tattoo on your body is also informative. An example is that oftentimes artists, healers, and caregivers tell me they feel called to have their hands and arms tattooed. This makes sense given their role and the work they do. However, this is only one example of determining tattoo by placement. 

Depending on the tattoo motifs or script, I will do one of two things to prepare for your tattoo. Either I will draw and create a stencil or I will draw the motifs on your skin the day of your ritual. Tattoo size, placement and motifs will determine this process. 

Ilokano & Bisaya  creation story motifs for Kalu.

Ilokano & Bisaya creation story motifs for Kalu.

Mexica Xochitl  motifs for Stacy of Everyday Medicine.

Mexica Xochitl motifs for Stacy of Everyday Medicine.

Taiwanese Cicadas  for Hera.

Taiwanese Cicadas for Hera.

Lakota Star  for Chey on their sacrum.

Lakota Star for Chey on their sacrum.


Ceremony itself ranges from a few hours to most of the day since we take time to settle in, open and close ceremony space, talk story and take breaks. It is important to honor our bodies and spirits, and this special occasion.

The actual duration of tattooing time during a Ceremony ranges from 1 to 5 hours max depending on size, detail and placement. Tattooing time is the duration of what my hourly rate goes towards.

Your session starts the moment I begin drawing the motifs on your skin, or if I am applying a pre-made stencil, the session will start after that. I tattoo with Kuro Sumi black ink, which is organic and vegan.

Once your ceremony date is scheduled, I will share about the ritual process with you and how to prepare. To honor and protect the sacredness of this, I do not share the details here.

Reminder: handpoke tattooing requires more time, energy and labor. This ritual process is for those who feel ready to be present with this kind of intentional tattooing 


As a queer, trans/gender non-conforming femme of color living with a disability, it is of utmost importance to me to cultivate accessible ritual tattoo space for all my inter-connected communities! 

To inquire about sliding scale availability and/or to request arrangements for a partial trade (limited), please let me know in the booking form. Together we can determine an honorable exchange that is sustainable for both of us. 


- Hourly Rate is $150/hour (in Hawai’i only). Rates are different when ceremony is held off island.

- A limited amount of slots per month is available at sliding scale per hour (upon client’s request)

- Partial Trade is possible upon availability for experienced practitioners (3 years or more) who can offer a trade in energy work, bodywork, mediumship, or access to attending workshop/classes in energy or bodywork.

- A non-refundable deposit is required to secure Ceremonial date and covers drawing/design time.

- An additional fee is required if extensive research is needed for tattoo design.

*Please read terms and conditions.


If you are interested in receiving tattoo as ritual healing work, a booking form must be filled out before we can move forward. Please click the button below: 

PLEASE NOTE: Unavailable from August 22nd - October 15th. Books Open for mid-October and November.


Images and testimonials of tattoo ceremony with Julz are available @bulambulanen


I value your trust and support in my work, and deeply thank you for honoring and respecting my energy, knowledge, labor and time.

- Deposit is required to secure Ceremony date

  • This fee covers drawing/design time prior to ceremony

  • This fee is deducted from the final total of ceremony.

  • An additional drawing fee will apply if multiple, large, or complex drafts are requested from client.

-The deposit is non-refundable, whether or not Ceremony follows through.

-Notice of Cancellation must be given at least 48 hours in advance of Ceremony date, otherwise a $100 charge will incur for last minute cancellation.

  • This applies only to clients who are not receiving ceremony in Hawai’i.

-A deposit is always required to book each ceremonial tattoo appointment. This includes any appointment(s) for continuing ceremony on another day.

-An in-person or video consultation is only available upon request and when deposit is paid. (1 hour only).

  • If another in-person consultation is requested, a $25 fee is required for every half hour.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Much gratitude!