Photo by  Liz Fang

Photo by Liz Fang


Julz Bolinayen ("Julz Ilang-Bulan") 

is a trans/gender-non conforming, hard-of-hearing, queer, femme, Ilokano singer-songwriter and ritualist.  Julz’ music invokes the depths of love, grief, rage, queerness, ancestral wisdom and more. Julz dedicates much of their energy to the continued practice of cultural and healing arts in the diaspora.  They regularly create Philippine-plant based botanicals on new moons and full moons, and offer handpoke tattoos as ritual. These are Julz' commitments in supporting intergenerational healing and transformation in our communities.

You can learn more about Julz' music, botanicals and ritual tattoo work by clicking each page at the top of this site.

Julz released their first EP on March 17th, 2018 at “Equinox Rising”, a show highlighting QTPOC singer-songwriters featuring Be Steadwell, SuperKnova, Nic Masangkay, Zora Seboulisa and Kimmortal.