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Thank you for your support & interest in working with me!

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Please read the ritual page for details, updates & terms of conditions.


Appointments still available for October: 16th and 19th

PLEASE NOTE: Unavailable from October 23 - November 17th.

Books Open for November and December!

Name *
ie. They/Them/Theirs, Siya, She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, Ze/Zim/Zirs. All gender identities and experiences are honored and uplifted here.
The space is low-scent, low volume/audio. Fragrance-Free soap and medical grade cleaning supplies are used in the ceremonial tattoo space. Smoke cleansing from plants and low-scent cleansing sprays are present. Please share any specific access needs.
Anything. Identity. Culture. Hxstory. Your story of what brought you here today. etc.
handpoke, handtap, skin-stitch, machine?
What are your intentions and/or what kind of healing are you seeking?
Do you need my support in identifying motifs that are appropriate to receive?
Describe the motifs and their meanings if you know them. I receive requests from a wide variety of folks from many walks of life. So, while I have knowledge and access to tattoo resources on many cultures, especially Filipino tattoo motifs, it's important to me to honor knowledge first hand from you, the person, who hails directly from your culture(s).
ideas, pictures, sketches, motifs, patterns, symbols, etc.
Please share in inches or centimeters, and/or provide circumference if applicable. Alternatively, I can suggest and guide appropriate placement based on the tattoo motif meaning and/or based on your life role or work.
questions, comments or concerns
I understand that Ceremony takes time and that this experience is to receive tattoo as ritual healing work. *
I have read all the information on the ritual page. I understand and accept all terms and conditions, and can honor this energetic exchange. *
PLEASE NOTE: Unavailable from October 23 - November 17th. *