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is a healing arts practitioner who facilitates tattoo as ritual healing work. Through this ancestral modality of energetic weaving and spirit ink, Julz supports people in expressing, transforming and marking significant stories in their lives.

Many people seek tattoo ceremony with Julz for a spectrum of reasons, such as honoring their ancestors, affirming their identities and lived experiences, releasing grief, pain and trauma, fortifying the strength of their spirit through tattoo as protection, and celebrating their existence and resilience.

The most common reason people seek ceremony with Julz is because Julz cultivates a sacred space that uplifts and centers femme, trans, queer/LGB+, multi-spirited and gender non-conforming identity, energy and experience.

Julz is a sensitive soul who loves the sea--a genderqueer Ilokano femme living with a hearing disability, who sees and hears through energy and multiple-dimensions. When Julz isn’t facilitating tattoo ceremonies, they  love to sing and compose serenades, liken to haranas past. When called, Julz likes to create Philippine plant-based botanicals during the new and full moon.

You can catch Julz always dancing, laughing, snacking, napping by the sea, chasing the sun and taking selfies with vibrant flowers. Julz grew up between the island of Okinawa and the Southern U.S., spent their twenties in Seattle, and is now at home on the island of O’ahu.

Images and testimonials of tattoo ceremony with Julz are available @bulambulanen

Photo by    Liz Fang

Photo by Liz Fang